Creative Content

Ever find yourself frustrated trying to

plan for and keep up with content on your various social media accounts??

We all know how important a steady and engaging social media presence can be to an artist's career - but sometimes setting and sticking to a plan can be hard. We are here to help!

Need help on an audio or video project?

With experience on all the Adobe platforms, I have the skills to help you take your audio and video files to the next level! Want to go crazy and use a green screen in your next video project? No problem! I can help you bring your ideas to life!

Want to create a video project but need help coming up with a creative concept?

Let's talk!

Sometimes planning is the hardest part!

Coming up with creative ideas to engage your social media audience can be a tedious and time-consuming task without a solid plan in place. Let me help you come up with a social media plan and schedule that will work with YOUR LIFE!

Sign up for the Social Media Coaching Program and I will share all of my tips and tricks for staying on top of your social media plan and keeping your content FRESH!

Past Projects

The University of Southern Mississippi Sax Chamber Orchestra Presents:

"...and then the Universe exploded" by Olivia Kieffer

Video Editor

Andrea Mumm Trammell Presents:

12 Harp FAQS

Video Editor

The University of Southern Mississippi Sax Chamber Orchestra Presents:

"Jarba, Mare Jarba" by Stacy Garrop

Video Editor

North American Saxophone Alliance Presents:

NASA Region 6 Conference 2021

Conference Coordinator